Orbeetles is a tower defense game where the towers are moons orbiting around a planet. 

Programming and Design by 5evergames, Art and Design by sparkhur
  • Add moons / weapons using the button panel, Click again to confirm placement.
  • Select moons/sattelites by clicking on them to add satellites/sub-moons. 
  • Start wave by pressing the "ready" button
  • [W] toggles orbit paths visible.
  • [R] Reset game back to first wave
  • [Z] and [X] to zoom
  • [-/+] for volume

Careful! All purchases are final! Also, Enemies that reach the planet will slowly drain your credits. If you ever go into debt at any point, you lose! 

Trial and error are your friends here!

Note: Moons themselves do not damage enemies. make sure to install weapons satellites on your moons before starting the wave.

Made in 2 weeks for the Github Game Off 2020! 


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Such a cool game, super impressed at how addictive this is. I don't know if there's a way to remove thing you've added by accident but that would be helpful :)

Thanks a lot! I appreciate it!
Yeah....All purchases are currently final. We ran out of time to add sell/cancel in the jam period. hopefully more features after the voting period!