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NACHTRUN is an infinite runner that takes place in a completely pitch black tunnel.

Since you cannot trust your sight, you will have to use audio cues to know when to turn, and when to start and stop climbing


  • RUN FORWARD: by default. if no keys are pressed, you will run forward

IMPORTANT: All inputs are done at the end of the measure that prompts you what to do.  (The score counter increments every measure)

If you hear A SERIES OF BEEPS, that means you are approaching a turn on the next measure.

  • LOW pitch to HIGH pitch means right turn  
    • tap [RIGHT ARROW KEY]
    • Example:  LOW ---- LOW ---- HIGH - HIGH - HIGH - HIGH  -  [RIGHT KEY]
  • HIGH pitch to LOW pitch means left turn 
    • tap [LEFT ARROW KEY]
    • Example:  HIGH----HIGH ---- LOW - LOW - LOW - LOW - [LEFT KEY]

If you hear a MONKEY , that means you are approaching a climbing section, or are about to end a climbing section.

  • If you are not yet climbing, press and hold [SPACE BAR] to start climbing, and keep it held down until you hear the monkey again.
  • If you are climbing, release [SPACE BAR] to stop climbing

Example: *REST* ---- *REST* ---- OOH - AHH - AHH - OOH - [SPACE]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Made for GMTK Jam 2018

Theme: GENRE but you can't MECHANIC - Endless Runner but you can't See anything


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Overall I think it's a pretty neat idea and I had a good time. The idea you were going for is clear and anybody who spends a few minutes with it can pick it up.

The rest are nothing more than nitpicks but here's a few comments.

The initial difficulty came from learning the sounds that were in the game. Once I got familiar with them my next big issue was to figure out the timing . I'm not sure if this is intended but if I press too early the game would kill me even if I had the correct input for the sound that was coming up. Once I got that down, I could survive to do a descent run but the window might be a bit too tight.

If you're gonna turn this into a full game I would make the window bigger or find a different penalty for an early press. Maybe you could lose a point, It would keep the player playing for longer instead of restarting.

Bonus QA, I was able to make the game crash if I was quick enough and pressed space bar at the start of a run.  

Good job.