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Farfalle OS is a narrative-driven pasta-based operating system experience. If you like hacknet, visual novels, or interactive fiction, this game is for you!

It's tough to jump into a new Operating System.  Especially when the everyone is counting on you!  Join Lead Developer Joey Pistachio as he guides you through the Farfalle OS terminal system in his quest to get his game to the production server.

The true ending happens after the call finishes. Can you achieve it?

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UPDATE - [04/18/2018]

Fixed a Bug where the game would crash for some users.

UPDATE - [04/03/2018]

By popular demand, Tab Complete and Command History have been added! Use tab to autocomplete filenames or matching prefixes. You can also use the up and down arrowkeys to cycle through previous commands!

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Created in 2 Weeks for the Meta Game Jam.


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This is an amazing game! I actually felt like I was a programmer doing all the coding during the whole thing especially with Joey walking me through it, which made it more realistic. Loved this! 

Can you make this available for MacOSX?

Wow.. What a great game.. So happy that i discovered this. Just my type of game!

Got back to it 'cause I hadn't uploaded the game before going to launch the portal. Great game, geniusly made. Could see the need for subtitles tho, for people not that comfortable with english or with earing problems. It was funny seeing the game "delete" the document Oneshot putted on my computer, a crossover between two geniusly meta games.


Other than that, this is just my type of game.I tried playing baldis basics, but it just was too "slasher" for  me. I just didn't like the feeling of being chased.It was still a good game, but just not for me. I liked this game a lot because of how real it felt.It felt like I was an actual programmer. Oh and I liked the background conversations it was really jackbox-esqe. Sorry for being late to the game, but overall10/10.

Amazing! Really short, but great. Please, make it longer.

I like it!

I was amazed when it found all of my Steam games and acted like it was deleting them. Good game!

It is a great Game i was scared at first when it said Deleting Files but its all good so yeah the game is great


Yeah, I'll be honest, and the surprise "horror" is totally intended. It would be too mean to ACTUALLY modify a players host machine though.

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I was a little excited to play this because it's about coding and I love to code. I was a little bummed out when I couldn't figure out how to progress.

You'll find out what I mean in this video:


Hey iSeeLT, Thank you so much for trying out my game!  The mistake you made is understandable, and easy to fix!  The  "<folder_name>" or "<script_name>"  are just placeholders for the name of the folder you want to go to, or script you want to run, etc.

For example, if you wanted to folderoni into the "logs" directory, you simply need to write:

folderoni logs

or to go back to the previous folder:

folderoni ..

No brackets or anything like that needed, just like a regular unix  "cd" command.

Same goes for commands later in the game like:

godfather bake package-game.pzza

I would love it if you have it another shot! Feel free to reply here if you have more questions. I put a lot of heart into this game and i think you will really like it if you stick with it! Even if you don't make it back for another playthrough, I appreciate the attempt :) 



How do I run the command "printaroni SERVER_INFO.txt?

first make sure you are in the right folder, by typing the command "listaroni" into the terminal. if you are in the "/usr/bin/notes" folder, you can just type "printaroni SERVER_INFO.txt" into the terminal to see the contents!

No, I meant, how do I enable caps lock in-game?

by holding the shift key.

you can hold SHIFT to get capital  letters, I'm not sure about caps lock support though.

I got to the "True Ending" and then this game pretended to delete all my files from my computer. It read real stuff I had on my computer and pretended to delete it.

I'm glad you played through the game! SPOILER ALERT at the true ending though haha.

Can't tell if you liked it or not from your comment :)

That is all you can do right? you can not read the readme fill in the java folder or try to remove the portal?

Would like to try, will there be a Linux build?

Pasta Based Computer Oprating System. Hmm....

That's right!

awesome game! i'm literally the worst with computers but i . felt smart for navigating this fake computer system about italian food!!! just really satisfying plus a little unnerving at the end, so... congrats!!!

I'm glad you got to feel like an Italian super hacker!

Cheers, Thanks for playing!

is just the best game created!

i made it to the portal pizza  "ending," and i am impressed. great job, great game. one point of critisizm is that i could not quit in game at all.

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Thanks for playing!
Fair criticism, I can work to include a way to exit the game nativity.

Please, put an option to skip that 'deleting archives' part, I have like 1451 downloads, and I'm still waiting for it to load. ;(

Fair Criticism. I'll put in a check to see how many files there are.

Thanks for the feedback!

Great job!

I liked in particular the names of the commands and since i'm italian i was familiar :)

The only problem i found is that this game has support only for the american keyboard layout, and since i'm using the italian one i had to switch.

However, a GREAT game.

I can't play because of my azerty layout, i can't do  _  , please fix the bug.

I'll look into AZERTY support. I'm sorry it's not working for you.


I loved hacknet, and this game is just, wow beautiful

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Don't really like the "roni" endings... You could just set it to normal linux commands like ls, open, cd etc.


I appreciate the feedback.

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You understand that. No italian linux distro would come with a command "listerino" or "folderino"

(2 edits) (+1)

The point of the game is that it is an absurdist operating system. My intent was not to make it "realistic," per se,  So while I understand your point that it would be easier/more familiar to unix devs to use established commands, it defeats one of the major pillars of the game to do so.

Thanks for playing the game! And I appreciate and read every comment/suggestion. Cheers.

Cool game! It seems to crash  as soon as I bake the "portal pizza". Is that deliberate?

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No. There is content after that. but not a lot. 
Some players have the same issue as you, where the game cannot [redacted]. And it crashes. I'm still investigating why that's the case.  What version of windows?

Ah cool, sounds interesting! I'm running Windows 10 if that helps! :)

Thanks! I think I found a fix, and will be updating the exe today.


Awesome, thanks for the heads up, will check it out. :


Yeah, that's working great now, thanks!  It's a great game! Here's a quick write-up: https://www.alphabetagamer.com/farfalle-os-game-jam-build/